My Projects


DIY foam board & paper mache computer case

DIY PCB Holder

Super clock Mods for a GPS-4 Display

WWV Receiver Handar 541

Install missing voltage control option. OFC-MC834X4-018W

Document/repair, the physics package is most likely bad as well so this project is a academic exercise. FTS-4040

From fts4040 above, heater circuit problem. FTS-1000B

Trimble Lassen DR GPS

Has a 19.2 Mhz oscillator that maybe disciplined to CDMA network. RIM R902M-2-0 Radio Modem

Lucent GPSDO

Lucent 15Mhz standard

OXCO in a FTS-5030 Cesium Frequency Standard. FTS-2000A

Either a standalone or part of a Cesium Frequency Standard. FTS-5030

Efratom Modular System 808-400-8 Rubidium Frequency Standard. 808-400-8

Dallas IS4, 4 channel analog to digital converter uses PC parallel port. Dallas IS4

AN EASY VLF LOOP 200Hz-20kHz reception without transformers by Renato Romero and Marco Bruno . My Pictures and notes

Easy Loop source link


Rom Bank

Spectrom 8165

Using a direct tv sat switch for a GPS antenna distribution amp


Odetics Telecom Commsync 5Mhz GPSDO Comsync pictures

HP 8757a Network Analyzer HP 8757A pictures

FEI-405 Info and pictures

LUCENT OSCILLATOR MODULE OMA S2:02 408886042 Info and pictures

_________________________________ Others Projects:

_________________________________ PIC TIC II By Richard H McCorkle

files and pictures


_________________________________ W.J Riley A Small DMTD System Hamilton Technical Services

Small DMTD files and pictures


The Ovenaire OSC 85-50 is Option 004 for the HP 5316A, 5316B, 5315A and 5315B frequency counters and there is some information about them in their respective manuals. J.L. Trantham
files and pictures


Solartron 7150+ filter by Ian Solartron PDF

_________________________________ WB8-TSL LORAN C simulator For frequency reference 12/13/2009 Written by: Paul Swedberg Files

GOES Satellite timecode simulator Or Using the TrueTime DC468 again Files Written by: Paul Swedberg


  File Written by: Paul Swedberg


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